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3 Months         € 40 p.q.

12 Months*     € 90 p.a.

* That's less that 25c per day!
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Virtual camps include:
1hr live tuition per day plus
Access to:
* Virtual classroom
* Challenges
* Learning quests   
* 100's of pre-recorded tutorials
€50 per student, 5 days
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School Licences

School Licences offer discounted access to a complete digital skills programme for entire classes and schools.
Principals and Parents Associations can contact us for further details at
Tel: +353 61 339178

Corporate Bookings

Whizzkids Training has provided camps and workshops for many of Ireland's top corporates and a bespoke branded academy can be created for the children of your staff or a local school.

Our online IT education platform for kids distills 20+ years of experience into fun and rewarding courses. We have designed a range of IT courses specifically for children and these are delivered by real teachers, whom we have transformed into avatars in order to be more engaging for children. The platform covers 5 key skill areas, which are essential to becoming a digital master, but also beneficial skills to have in many other areas. These are Creativity, Design, Coding, Computational Thinking and Maths. This online education platform is fully incentivised with badges, trophies, levels, and results based games rewards. Book now to access all of these courses for as little as €40. Suitable for children aged 8-14. 

Access 100's of lessons, quizzes and challenges for

less than 25c per day!


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