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Virtual Camps and/or Membership to the Online Academy

You decide: What, When and Where you learn.

Online Academy

The Online Academy has almost 20 different courses, covering everything from Animation to Web Design, Game Development to Machine Programming, etc. The online lessons are all designed & recorded by our experienced teachers, however, we have transformed the teachers into their ‘avatars’, whom we have animated to present the lessons in a more engaging fashion to the children. We believe our new online platform will be the first of its kind in the world, not only for its methodology but also for its content. Other online platforms teaching IT normally restricted content to coding lessons, ignoring the more creative aspects of technology. on the other hand, blends the creative aspects of technology with more traditional aspects of coding to help children develop a full suite of digital skills.

Virtual Camps

Virtual Camps provide all of the above, with the addition of Live Lessons with a WhizzKids teacher for each day of Camp. Campers have access to a special Club Area within the Online Academy so that they can ask questions, swap ideas or just chat between themselves. Virtual Camps are limited to 12 children in a group.

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