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Sign up to the Online Academy to access 100's of lessons, videos, quizzes and challenges spread over 16 courses on IT. Using a sophisticated incentive scheme of points, badges, levels and a sense of mission for our learners, this online education system has game-ified the whole process into a ground breaking method of delivering online courses for kids.
This unique approach distills 20 years of experience teaching IT, transforming real teachers into animated avatars to create an extremely child-friendly way of teaching what can sometimes be complex coding and design concepts. The learning process rewards progress as lessons are completed and games are unlocked. So log in and master a range of digital skills. It’s time to level up!

Coding will show you how to code your own websites, apps, etc. From Scratch Programming to

HTML/CSS Coding and from Microbits to App Inventor.


Have fun creating all sorts of digital visuals. Learn character design or build a virtual world for your games. Learn animation, for your youtube channel!


Start designing, your own cards, posters, signs, logo's, characters etc. We have a huge array of projects to get you designing like a pro.

Computational Thinking

Fun challenges, code-breaking and puzzles to solve! We have every faith in your ability, after all, you are a WhizzKid!

Gamified.png is on a mission. A mission to build a network of young developers. Join us and unlock the secrets of Digital Valley. Join us and journey from Newby to Master.

Eliminate fear of code. Unleash the creative force in you. Join us and build a better future.

It’s time to create. It’s time to design. It’s time to code!

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Sample Intro Video to Microbit Project
Sample Intro Video to Scratch Coding Project
Sample Intro Video to Character Design Project
Sample Intro Video to Multi Page App Project

Scratch Coding

3D Game Design

HTML/CSS Web Design

Pivot Animation

Android App Development

Card & Sign Design

Character Creation


3D Modelling

Game-World Design

Pivot Animation

Machine Programming with Microbits

Digital Art

Logo Design

Pencil Animation

Computational Thinking

Digital Skills Courses in the Online Academy
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